Closing the gap between You and your “VISION” of you

Do you ever find yourself “day-dreaming” about the “me nobody knows” or a flash of how your life might be – if only things were different – if only you were different! The first step to being different is thinking differently. First, let’s dispel the notion that there is something lacking in who you are at this very moment. That’s just nonsense. You are capable of anything you can imagine yourself doing, being, saying, or creating. So how does one get from here to there? Much like a journey or a trip, you need a roadmap. Inventory your traveling bag and review a checklist for everything that you will need to reach your destination: mode of travel; fuel and/or food; resting stops and lodging; clothing for different circumstances and situations; GPS cell phone and radio; emergency tool kit; information about your final destination. The things that you will need to become the vision that you have of yourself are very similar.

Inventory: what are your skill-sets, life experience, accomplishments, characteristics, values

Mode of travel: what things or people will facilitate your movement towards the goal

Fuel or food: what will sustain you so that you can remain strong and healthy mind,body, and soul?

Resting Stops: how can you plan “time-outs”, maintain balance, get enough sleep and re-group

Clothing: how can you prepare yourself for “outfitting” your mind?

GPS: who will be your guide, coach, or mentor?

Cell phone: who can you trust to call when you need uplifting – who can make you laugh?

Emergency tool kit: what will be your ‘back up plans” to overcome obstacles

Information about your destination: what will happen when you get there – because you WILL get there!

Let’s free your mind and passionately embark upon the trip of your life – everything else will follow your thoughts; foster positive emotions; develop constructive habits, behaviors, and attitudes; steering you into your destiny and vision. Who will that person be?

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